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Whether you require a concrete floor for a commercial or residential setting, our concrete and epoxy flooring solutions in Sydney can be tailored to your needs. Browse the list below for more information.

Epoxy Flooring

Transform your flooring from dull to sleek with epoxy flooring. We offer the highest quality residential and commercial epoxy flooring solutions in Sydney.

Polished Concrete

Give your project a stylish look with polished concrete. Its timeless appearance and durability can transform the appearance of space.

Concrete Driveways

There are many designs and colours available for concrete driveways. They are highly durable, easy to maintain and are very affordable.

Why Choose Us

Thanks to our extensive experience and training, we can provide the best workmanship with all our flooring solutions. Our epoxy and polished concrete flooring installation services in Sydney are efficient, fast, and affordable.

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Why Choose Us

Types Of Places

When installing epoxy or polished concrete in your home or business, you need to consider these areas.


Home And Commercial Work Spaces


Industrial Areas And Commercial Workshops


High Traffic Facilities And Structures


Commercial And Residential Facilities

Advantages of Concrete

Nothing is more elegant than concrete as a flooring solution for residential and industrial applications. It possesses excellent compressive strength and excellent resistance to most toxic chemicals and substances, making it a very durable material.

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Advantages of Epoxy

This epoxy flooring coating provides an excellent surface you can use in both a residential and commercial environment. Not only is the epoxy flooring coating durable and versatile, but it is also easy to maintain. It can withstand high foot traffic, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.

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Types of Finishes

You will find that we offer a wide range of different finishes for both epoxy and concrete flooring. Please take a look at our selection below.

Suburbs We Service

We provide service to many areas of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. Check here to see if we are in your area:

Sydney CBD

Hills District

Inner West

West Sydney

South West Sydney

South Sydney

Northern Suburbs

St George

North Shore

Eastern Suburbs

Map of Sydney


We provide top-quality craftsmanship for all our flooring solutions thanks to our extensive experience and training. With our efficient and fast epoxy and polished concrete flooring installation in Sydney, you can count on us.

Epoxy is extremely hardwearing and is resistant to chips, scratches and marks. It is one of the most scratch-resistant flooring solutions compared to other alternatives.

Yes, most definitely. Our team can work with you to find the best design and colour to fit your home or business.

We have several options of epoxy floor coating, which are waterproof. Chat to our team about the different options for your home or business.

We sure can. Our team will repair any cracks or chips in your current concrete before proceeding with polishing your existing slab.

Yes, epoxy flooring can be used in almost any setting. However, when epoxy is exposed to weather and harsh sunlight, it may begin to fade. Keeping on top of your maintenance will prevent this.

We would suggest against this. Polished concrete is easy to maintain and will only require a mop with water or a gentle cleaner.

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