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Sydney Body Corporate Flooring

Sydney Body Corporate Flooring

While setting up a residential building, one of the challenging decisions can be to pick the appropriate flooring for shared spaces. As these areas fall under the corporate body’s decision, you must abide by their laws.

These shared spaces include stairs, entrances, foyers, hallways, community halls, and similar rooms. The stretch of this area will vary according to the building, but all of them face much footfall every day. So, durable flooring should be installed to protect the areas from adverse wear and tear.

Even though the corporate body might be good at making decisions, it’s always better to consult a flooring expert before starting any job. We have been installing corporate body flooring for a long time, and our experts are well-trained to understand the legal intricacies of working in shared spaces. And we are always just a call away from hearing your flooring-related queries.

Struggling To Find A Quality Concrete Team?

Choosing the floor for shared areas can be challenging due to differences of opinion among the corporate body members. Hence, it’s essential to involve flooring professionals like us who have had the experience of completing similar jobs.

After gathering information about the legalities and meeting with the committee, you can call us; our experts will be on their way to the building. They will check the area thoroughly and inform you about any issues or how the flooring should be installed. Our workmanship guarantee backs all our services.

In the case of repair jobs, the cost is often a big problem to mitigate for the corporate body. Hence, we seek to give you a transparent price quote after a thorough inspection and a proper cost breakdown. If additional costs come up while we are on the job, you will be the first to know.

Struggling To Find A Quality Concrete Team?
We Are The Team For You

We Are The Team For You

You can install different types of flooring in a corporate body area. Most people gravitate towards polished concrete or epoxy flooring as they are durable and easy to maintain. But, the choice can be confusing as a lot depends on the other flooring present in the building, the total area, and the legalities.

We come into the picture to guide you in making the right choice. The board members can look at our portfolio and call for the opinion of the other owners to select a body of corporate flooring that everyone likes. Our experts will study the shared area, check if it would be a good choice, and give their opinion about a suitable option.

Advantages of Concrete

Concrete is an elegant and classy flooring solution suitable for both residential and industrial applications. It has excellent compressive strength and is resistant to most toxic chemicals and substances, making it extremely durable.

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Advantages of Epoxy

Home and commercial environments alike can benefit from epoxy flooring coating, which is extremely durable and versatile. The product is non-slip, easy to maintain and resistant to high foot traffic, chemicals and heat.

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Top Coat Concrete Difference

Our company specialises in various kinds of flooring, including corporate body floors. We have been in this business for a long time, and our workers have gained experience working with different durable flooring materials. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, so we always ask for your input while doing the job.

Our workers are undoubtedly licensed and insured, so rest assured that you are in safe hands while they are working on your building. And we always work with friendly and approachable experts, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

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We’re always ready to take your call to assist you with all your needs related to corporate body flooring. So, call us at our helpline number, and our representatives will help you immediately. If you book an appointment with us, our workers will soon visit your building.

Our experts can help you choose a material for the flooring to proceed with quick and easy installation. And we make sure to keep our prices reasonable so that everyone can avail of our quality service. You can also contact us to visit your building to look at the existing flooring.

So, wait no more and give us a call to get immediate service!

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Even though the body corporate does have the right to pass a verdict on its own, it’s always better to take the opinion of other owners. As the common spaces are used by everybody, discussing it with the other residents would help you pick the flooring that would suit the building as a whole.

You can contact us to understand more about body corporate flooring as we regularly deal with it. If you book an appointment, our expert will visit the property and provide you with the best flooring options and a reasonable price quote.

Common property is where the body corporate is responsible for all the areas of the building and land that are not part of any individual owner’s lot. This can include stairs, BBQ areas, foyers and car parks.

The laws and committees will depend on who organises repair work for the common property depending on the body corporate. Generally speaking, once a meeting has been held with the members, and a decision is made, a nominated person from the body corporate will organise and obtain a quote for the repairs.

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