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Amazing Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring For Commercial Kitchens

Arguably, flooring is one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of planning and decorating a space.

And when it comes to commercial kitchens, installing the right flooring is essential because it is a hive of activity and has to go through a lot of foot traffic. So, it’s vital to select an option that can withstand the hustle and bustle of the space.

Besides being durable, it should be easy to clean because stuff spills on the kitchen floor while cooking.

That’s where epoxy flooring comes into the picture. It is easy to clean, slip-resistant, sturdy, and heat-resistant, so it is one of the sought-after commercial kitchen flooring solutions in recent times.

Today, we’ll walk you through the perks of installing epoxy flooring in commercial kitchens. So, let’s dive in, then!

Amazing Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring For Commercial Kitchens

Kitchen With Epoxy Flooring Finish

1. Epoxy Flooring Can Withstand Harsh Chemicals

Spilling food, beverages, oil, grease, and other items in the kitchen is inevitable, and that’s why it’s a must to clean your flooring to maintain it. Of course, simple scrubbing with soap and lukewarm water isn’t enough, and some strong cleaning solution is required to eliminate bacteria from the space.

And honestly, not every flooring is durable enough to withstand harsh chemicals, so epoxy is a famous option for commercial kitchens.

2. It Is Tough And Lasts Longer Than Other Flooring Solutions

Indeed, flooring makes or breaks the look of the entire space, but there’s more to it than that. It also needs to be strong enough to withstand foot traffic and spillages. You’d neither have to compromise on appearance nor durability with epoxy flooring, as it spruces up the look of your space, but it also strengthens your floor.

And when the flooring is durable, you won't have to spend thousands of bucks every year on repair or replacement. So, epoxy coating is the best way to protect your commercial kitchen floor from damage, as it doesn’t chip or crack.

3. It Is Easy, Wipe-Clean Flooring 

Whether residential or commercial, cooking is a messy affair with food spills, stains, etc. Of course, no one’s got the time and energy to scrub stains, oil spills, and grease from commercial kitchen floors. And that is why a low-maintenance floor is ideal for such a busy work environment.

Out of all the flooring options, epoxy doesn’t trap grease and food waste which means your staff will be able to clean it in a breeze. Its non-porous layer prevents dust, debris, and dirt buildup between cracks and fixtures. And at the end of the day, your staff will be thankful for installing an easy-to-clean surface.

Epoxy Floor With Faux Pattern

4. It Is An Anti-Skid Flooring

Commercial kitchen staff are always on the go, so they are likely to slip, trip or fall, leading to severe injuries. Thankfully, epoxy coatings are here to save the day with their slip-resistant coating that adds grit to the floor, making it less slippery.

As you already know, epoxy is highly versatile, which means you can texture it with a coarse non-additive to minimise workplace accidents. Oil, grease, fats - no matter what spills, it will provide enough grip for your staff to prevent tripping or falling.

Plus, it’s your responsibility to keep them safe, so one of the best ways to ensure that is to install epoxy, a slip-free flooring solution.

5. It Prevents Accumulation Of Moulds

Though not as crucial in other spaces, hygiene is the topmost priority in a commercial kitchen. Epoxy doesn’t absorb any liquid that spills on it, thanks to its smooth surface. On top of that, it is non-porous, which means there are no nooks or crannies where pathogens and bacteria can hide and thrive.

You can rest assured that it will prevent the growth of mould, fungus, and bacteria in your space.

6. Epoxy Coatings Are Easy On The Pockets

Not to deny, commercial kitchen flooring comes with a hefty price tag, making it unaffordable for those on a budget. Fortunately, epoxy is here right up the street, so you can revamp your kitchen floor without spending a fortune.

Coating your concrete floor with epoxy will protect it from damage, increasing its lifespan. And when it comes to performance, it doesn’t disappoint on that front either because it withstands everyday wear and tears excellently.

Also, you won’t have to shell out extra dollars for buying special cleaning products or tools for cleaning the flooring because it is easy to clean.

7. It Enhances The Overall Look Of Your Space

Though most people look for functional flooring for their commercial kitchens, having an aesthetically appealing one in your space is a bonus. Besides being versatile, epoxy coatings come in a plethora of colours, so you can choose the one that would complement the interior perfectly.

Not only that, but you also get the option to embed your brand logo on the kitchen floor. So, if you’re planning to give your kitchen a little overhaul, epoxy flooring is your best bet.

Lady Cooking In Kitchen

Why You Need Epoxy For Your Commercial Kitchen

Whether you realise it or not, commercial kitchen flooring plays a vital role in day-to-day activities and workflow.

Epoxy flooring is one of the best solutions for busy work environments because of its anti-slip, chemical-resistant, and easy to clean surface. Of course, it is easy on the pockets, so you won’t have to spend a fortune to install it in your space.

If durability, versatility, and aesthetics top your list, an epoxy coating will be the best option for your commercial kitchen flooring. And you’ll be surprised to know that it is seven times more durable than concrete flooring.

Before we sign off, here’s a last piece of advice - make sure you contact the best flooring company for installing epoxy floors. Also, don’t forget to check their reviews online before scheduling an appointment.

If you are in Sydney, make sure you speak to the experts at Top Coat Concrete. We have a team of highly-qualified technicians who specialise in epoxy flooring and non-slip concrete finishes. Our team provide a fast, professional and affordable service.

And that’s it for today; till we meet again!


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