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Epoxy Kitchen Floor Ideas For Your Home

Epoxy floors are one of the most popular and elegant looking flooring options today.

They are strong and durable and can stay intact without wear or tear for decades. The best part is that they are available in several different patterns and colours, giving you a wide array of options.

For instance, the kitchen is the most homely and emotional place in a house. The food that nourishes us is cooked there, and families sit together to have their meals. We feel that the vibe in the kitchen is essential and affects your lifestyle in many ways.

It is crucial to have a comfy feeling in your cooking place while keeping it presentable and luxurious. And epoxy floors can do this job tremendously well.

If you are looking for creative ideas to style your kitchen floor, you’ve landed at the right place. We have put together an extensive guide to help you choose the epoxy kitchen floor of your dreams.

Epoxy Kitchen Floor Ideas

Kitchen Floor Living Room Epoxy

1. Solid Colors

Let’s begin right from the basics with vibrant epoxy solid colours. If you want your kitchen to be minimalistic and let the walls do all the talking with low-key flooring, then a plain colour is ideal.

Epoxy floors have the smoothest finish because even plain colours appear elegant and sleek, giving a luxurious feel. Plain colours typically appear dull on other floors but are amazingly bright and eye-catching in epoxy.

White and black are classic, but royal purple and emerald green add an extremely posh feel if you like a little bold play of shades.

This option is low effort and low maintenance, perfect for a DIY project. Epoxy flooring can be pretty expensive, so this option will fit right in if you are on a tight budget.

2. Faux Stone

Do you wish to have granite or marble flooring in your kitchen but don’t want to take up the massive task of looking after their likes? You’ll love epoxy faux stone in that case. They deliver the grand finish of granite and the ease of maintenance, all in one.

Faux stone looks beautiful on the floor and looks elegant on kitchen countertops. You can create your decor scheme using different simulated stone patterns and colours.

Faux Stone Epoxy Kitchen Benchtop

This type of epoxy floor is created by adding metallic additives to the resin and chemical combination. Once the concrete base is set, multiple epoxy solutions in your desired complementary colours can be poured on it and dragged using a paint stick.

3. Coin Epoxy Floor

This creative idea is fantastic for all vintage lovers as a coin epoxy floor is laid down by covering the whole floor with pennies and coins. It adds a royal touch and is very popular these days. So, if you want to style your kitchen in an antique fashion, a penny floor will complement it well.

Coin Epoxy Floor

Also, the cost is fairly low, and you can cover a large area at a reasonable price. Epoxy is an excellent adhesive, so you don’t need to buy extra glue or sealant. That saves a lot of bucks too. You’ll have to apply two layers in addition to the concrete, sandwiching the pennies between epoxy.

One major downside of this pattern is that it is very time-consuming. If you decide to take up the project manually, you’ll have to spend long hours doing it, depending on the area you want to cover.

4. 3D Epoxy Floor

3D Epoxy floors offer the best visual effects out of all the options. These floors are aesthetically pleasing and can visually balance out any unevenness in the room. They are excellent for small kitchens and can make the space appear more significant.

3D epoxy is relatively low maintenance and does not have any surface cracks, seams, joints, or pores despite the high-end fancy finish. That’s why it is safe from dust and chemicals. It also does not allow any pathogens to thrive, maintaining a hygienic environment in your kitchen.

Most importantly, the floor is fire resistant, and given how cooking failures can often occur, it is a blessing that epoxy 3D doesn’t allow fires to catch on. Additionally, it has a waterproof top layer and doesn’t erode even when exposed to acids, bleaches, and chlorine. It is safe to say it is your one-stop solution for beauty and strength.

Epoxy Ocean Floor Effect

5. Wood Ends Epoxy Floor

A wood end epoxy floor gives a natural touch to the floor, and if that’s how you picture your kitchen, we’ll give you the green flag. You can choose from different wood shades (whatever goes well with the rest of your decor) and lay it down using epoxy.

If you cannot find wood in the colour of your liking, you can stain or cover it with an epoxy layer. However, we don’t recommend the latter because that will take away the natural essence of the wood.

You already know that epoxy is resinous and forms a tough layer, so don’t worry if the wood strips are slightly uneven during installation. Rest assured, a top coat of epoxy will set everything in place.

Overall, wooden floors are evergreen and timeless; they have been around for centuries, and wood ends epoxy is a modernised version of them.

Texture Ideas For Epoxy Kitchen Floors

As we discussed earlier, epoxy floors provide various colours, textures, and patterns. Moreover, it is also a great flooring choice for commercial kitchens along with residential. Let’s have a quick look at the best textures available in epoxy that’ll look fabulous in your kitchen.

Granule Texture

Commonly used in cafeterias, granule textured epoxy adds just the right razzle-dazzle to the floor. They are neither too plain nor too loud if used in the right colours and perfectly complement the space installed.

Mica Pigments

Mica pigment textured floors are desirable these days and are a favourite among homeowners. You can give your kitchen a posh hotel lobby feeling with this one. The patterns are beautiful and intricately ingrained with mica flakes.

Non-slip Texture

If you are a clumsy person who often slips and stumbles, a non-slip texture will be convenient for your kitchen. The rough surface of this floor gives positive traction and minimises the chances of falling.

Smooth Finish

Smooth finish epoxy is the most basic type; we saved it for last. If you want your kitchen to be minimalistic, a smooth finish epoxy in some solid colour is an excellent option.

Epoxy Flooring For Kitchens

Epoxy floors have been a buzz lately, and millions of homeowners choose this flooring pattern over others.

We have now reached the end of our guide on epoxy kitchen floor ideas. We hope you found our ideas innovative and were able to pick a favourite.

Before signing off, we’ll let you in on our favourites too. 3D epoxy is aesthetically pleasing, followed by the mica pigment texture. On the other hand, faux stone and penny style epoxy are exotic and make the floor eye-catching.

That’s it for now, bye!


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